Guitar lessons

This past week I got new strings on my guitar at Road Dogs Music and I bought a new guitar case. I reached out to a few people who taught Guitar Lessons in Whitehorse and I got a response.

I found more chords to work with: G, C, Em chords to play different songs. I keep a journal close by as I’m practicing and I write my feelings down. First I was frustrated and then I decided to have music playing as I’m learning the cords.

The more I listened to music while playing, the more relaxed and learning the guitar wasn’t as stressful. It was more therapeutic and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I am starting my Guitar Lessons tomorrow with a friend and I’m excited! Prayers are answered!

4 thoughts on “Guitar lessons

  1. Rosalie Krengnektak

    This is so awesome that your learning new chords and that your documenting it within your journal. That’s amazing to hear you reached out to someone for lessons and got a reply back. Exciting news that your starting your guitar lessons tomorrow. You will do great and can’t wait to hear what you come up with and your progress in your Learning Project.

  2. Jenn New

    Wow! Your playing sounds awesome! That is such a great idea to reach out to friends to help the learning process, videos and articles are great resources but sometimes speaking with someone just connects differently and helps things come together. Great job and keep up the awesome effort, you are rocking it (pun intended)!

  3. Tina Khavari

    Hello Janet,
    Amazing learning project, I used to learn instrument but due to university I gave it up, but it believe music can be really revealing for every one, Congrat.

  4. Paige Karol

    Hello Janet! I’ve always wanted to play guitar but never could get the hang of it! This is a great idea for your learning project and you will probably use it the rest of your life AND maybe even in the classroom, wonderful!!


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