Digital Literacy

Chantelle (Bonfiglio, 2018) shares her knowledge of coding and the importance of teaching students by playing Minecraft in school. For example, my daughter Teanna is in grade 4 and she played Minecraft in school for 2 years. She loved to build swords and houses when given the opportunity. One of her favorite memories of playing Minecraft in school was when she built a treehouse. The treehouse was fascinating and inspired her to build more in school. This experience has helped her to learn more about games on the internet.

Bonfiglio (2018) shared coding unplugged with a deck of cards and toys. I personally do not like being on the internet all day and the more I researched for games I found some. For example, the summer (Victoria, 2018) game with chalk and water guns to code unplugged. Take steps forward, back, to the right and left side. Players can only speak in code and the instructions can be easy to hard versions.

The company that created the website “” was inspiring because of the games provided. For example, I believe my daughter would enjoy the Dance Party game. Most of the children can dance and enjoy themselves! This would be a fun activity to try over the summer and incorporate it into my lesson plans.

The site “” offers other games, such as coding sports. The children playing the games can decide where the basketball moves and have fun coding! The website is user-friendly to newcomers by videos with instructions and it helps.

Scratch Education lessons for different resources. For example, my daughter and I love to crochet so we decided to explore the Hook Nook. In the Hook Nook, there are cute crochet octopuses, bears, and flowers. So, we decided to go further with the crochet flowers and there are steps to take. My experience with digital literacy was inspiring and fun with my daughter Teanna. I look forward to exploring these websites this summer! 🙂

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