Sixth Learning Project

This week I was reflecting on how to go about my week of learning the guitar and playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was having anxiety and procrastinating because I wasn’t sure if I could do this!

I had plans to meet with my friend for guitar lessons and it did not work out. I tried to learn from Herra’s video of playing Twinkle twinkle little star and I found it harder than expected.

This video saved me and I kept watching it! I found it more easier to comprehend. I was wrong about Online Learning because I can pause and go back multiple times and practice. I thought working with another person would help with learning the guitar. I was wrong and I realized that I work better on my own with Online Learning!


I wanted to share this from It’s a schedule of how to practice the guitar

How to Practice

Think of using your practice time as if you were eating several small snacks spaced out through the day instead of gorging on one huge lunch, taking a nap and not eating anything the rest of the day.

Take whatever you’re working on — a riff, scale or song — and practice it for a bit. Then put down your guitar and do something completely unrelated to learning music, like watching TV or taking a walk. Ten minutes later, come back to the same thing you were working on before and practice a bit longer. Take another 10 minute break, and then come back to the lesson one more time.

Repetition is important to learning, but so is when and how you practice. Use the 3×10 technique as an easy way to help embed new information in your long-term memory and learn faster.

Personally, the more I kept practicing I got the hang of it! I recorded myself and I could finally play a song! I feel more confident and grateful for all the free information online. Through this process, I had some good friends that play the guitar and told me to find what works best for me. I enjoy doing the fingerstyle by trying to remember strings and do my best! This learning project was so helpful and encouraging as we all worked on different subjects. Enjoy my video and tell me what you think 😉

1 thought on “Sixth Learning Project

  1. Rosalie Krengnektak

    Hello Janet, Your learning post is so amazing. I find learning virtually is so difficult but in the end it turns out as you can pause and replay to whenever you need to go back to see what was the last thing that the person did and said. So proud of how far you have come with learning the guitar. Looking at your my little sunshine and twinkle little star sheet, I was a bit confused but reading more and looking at your video helped me understand your music sheet and that is awesome that your able to understand it. I liked the links and videos you provided as they helped me understand your post and where you are in your learning project. Keep up the amazing work in your learning and Way to go. Can’t wait to see and hear what you come up with next!


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