Coding Exercise!

I chose to do option 2 for my coding assignment with Minecraft Voyage Aquatic. I decided to do this because I was curious. From Teanna’s experience she had fun with it and her experience inspired me to try it out! 

I watched a video on the directions and picked a character for my treasure hunt journey. I accomplished my first puzzle and got the boat from the treasure chest. Then I walked to the boat by making 4 lines of code to get there. Then I moved forward 7 times with code to fish for Cod in my boat. Teanna is so excited for me because she never thought I would play Minecraft.  

The next level is getting more serious because we can the next command will offer “the repeat until goal”. 
First try at this level I got it wrong, I inserted 8 lines but I could’ve did it with 3. Now I know I can move forward, I’m really enjoying this game of code!  

I think I might download the game and play whenever I am stressed out from writing assignments for school. It’s a good stress reliever and I am so concentrated.

This time I did not know my person was faced a different direction and got it wrong.
Instead, I tried by adding a code of “turn right, then move forward”. I tried different types of code in order to get the shellfish from the treasure chest. It is getting tricky but I’m still playing.

It is an addictive game and it reminds me of Zelda because of how fun it is. 

I tried a few times to get the Salmon and I finally got it! I used 11 lines of code and I could’ve used 10!!!! YAY!!!!

I feel more confident that I am getting more better at this game. I told Teanna Minecraft is similar to Roblox. She said, “But you can’t rob banks”. I told her “I don’t want to rob banks! Haha.” 

The last level I did 7 codes and it took many tries but I did it! 

I never knew games online could be so much fun, I’m used to Nintendo and to be honest I never played for a long time. It was good to play a game and enjoy the afternoon! 

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