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Learning the Guitar

Seventh learning project and summary of learning the guitar

I had appointments today and needed to pick up my guitar from Road Dogs Music. They installed a button on my Acoustic Guitar. Apparently, Acoustic Guitars don’t come with the button for the strap and some people use shoelaces!

The shoelaces look silly to me, some people can use them and not worry about them. So I bought a $10.00 Guitar Strap for my guitar so I can walk around the house and know I have to practice. I got a good deal on the strap and I should play more often! But just like homework I can pout and make all the excuses not to do it! But when I start playing the guitar I remember how therapeutic it is, then it’s hard to put it down.

Once I had some free time away from my daughter I went to the Yukon University Library and printed off some guitar tabs from for encouragement. This helped me to focus on another goal and play another song for my learning journey. I chose Amazin Grace and Our God for my next project.

As I was learning these songs, I would often take breaks because they were hard. My daughter Teanna took that opportunity and started to learn chords.

She helped me to find the joy of learning the guitar and the more we took turns it got easier. Teanna loves to play and listen to the steel guitar strings on the guitar.

She stayed up with me for hours and learned the guitar from morning until night. She inspired me to keep moving forward with the guitar and she is getting better each day.

As Teanna played the guitar I would take the opportunity to read about Chords and Tabs. I went straight for the guitar and learning Chords, instead of learning how to read tabs or chords. Ooops…But now I realized that I need to catch up on some reading and get a better understanding of the guitar.

I’m still working on the songs I picked and I need to purchase a Capo so I can play the F Chord. I was struggling because I tried to play it without a Capo and it did not go well. Apparently, a lot of people have a hard time with the F Chord and there’s a website to help with the problem.

This was a productive week of playing the guitar and taking breaks to go for hikes and pick some flowers. The weather was hot and my family was lucky not to get a sunburn since I was doing homework during the day. In the evening we would go for walks and enjoy the scenery.

It was a good week and good timing to get some pictures of the beautiful sky. I’m so glad to have been able to practice at home with my family. This week I just reflected on my life with my daughter and how far we’ve come. We have a relationship that I treasure because we enjoy each other’s company with many different hobbies. I believe our passion to pursue Guitar will be beneficial to us in the future.

This is my Before and After Learning Project Chart

Summary of my Guitar Learning Project

In my second week of learning the guitar I used guitar tabs that was recommended from my friend Amanda. Then I went on to YouTube and watched videos while I tried to start a guitar group with some friends. Then I went to the library to look for books and DVDs to help me on my learning journey. This week was lovely because I got to sing songs with Teanna while I learned Chords.

In my third week I tried my best to learn the guitar but none of my friends wanted to start a guitar group. I felt alone and I made a mistake on my D Chord. So, I took that week for some self-care and went for a walk around McIntyre Creek.

In my fourth week I was able to get new strings on my guitar and get it tuned up. It sounds way better and I got a response from a few people about guitar lessons. I learned more chords this week and I’m keeping my journal close to document everything. I noticed if I had music playing in the background, playing the guitar was easier. Now I understand why a lot of other people do this.

Fifth week of learning the guitar, my friend Herra came over to give me guitar lessons. She taught me about the guitar and shared her story with me about how she learned to play. I love hearing how people turn to instruments in the time of need. I felt more confident this week because Herra mentioned that she was surprised of how much Chords I knew. This took a big load off my shoulders and guitar playing got easier.

Sixth week of learning the guitar I was excited and scared at the same time. I think it’s because I was starting to get the hang of playing the guitar and I was confident of playing a song. I couldn’t learn from Herra’s video so I went back to YouTube and found a video that helped me play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then I realized that I learn better online than in person with guitar lessons. This week brought more confidence and I found more resources online to help me with my learning journey!  

These past few months I noticed how my family has grown with the guitar and enjoyed each other’s company. I bought this guitar this winter and never had time to play because I was busy with school. Thank you Katia for encouraging me to pick up my guitar and learn from this experience. I believe I am going to continue to learn the guitar with my family because it’s a blessing in disguise. I found a way to connect with my family in a positive direction and my parents love to sing. So, this will help my family to heal, grow and move forward. Haii Choo, Mahsi Choo, Merci, Thank you.

Sixth Learning Project

This week I was reflecting on how to go about my week of learning the guitar and playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was having anxiety and procrastinating because I wasn’t sure if I could do this!

I had plans to meet with my friend for guitar lessons and it did not work out. I tried to learn from Herra’s video of playing Twinkle twinkle little star and I found it harder than expected.

This video saved me and I kept watching it! I found it more easier to comprehend. I was wrong about Online Learning because I can pause and go back multiple times and practice. I thought working with another person would help with learning the guitar. I was wrong and I realized that I work better on my own with Online Learning!


I wanted to share this from It’s a schedule of how to practice the guitar

How to Practice

Think of using your practice time as if you were eating several small snacks spaced out through the day instead of gorging on one huge lunch, taking a nap and not eating anything the rest of the day.

Take whatever you’re working on — a riff, scale or song — and practice it for a bit. Then put down your guitar and do something completely unrelated to learning music, like watching TV or taking a walk. Ten minutes later, come back to the same thing you were working on before and practice a bit longer. Take another 10 minute break, and then come back to the lesson one more time.

Repetition is important to learning, but so is when and how you practice. Use the 3×10 technique as an easy way to help embed new information in your long-term memory and learn faster.

Personally, the more I kept practicing I got the hang of it! I recorded myself and I could finally play a song! I feel more confident and grateful for all the free information online. Through this process, I had some good friends that play the guitar and told me to find what works best for me. I enjoy doing the fingerstyle by trying to remember strings and do my best! This learning project was so helpful and encouraging as we all worked on different subjects. Enjoy my video and tell me what you think 😉

First Guitar Lessons!!

Last week I had my first guitar lessons with my friend Herra and I was so happy! I really needed help with learning the guitar because I wasn’t sure if I was doing this properly. I knew I had to learn chords so I spent as much time as I could doing that. At first, Herra gave me handouts about the guitar and was surprised that I knew so many chords. She gave me a rundown on the guitar and shared her own experience of learning the guitar from her older brothers. I enjoyed hearing about Herra’s family because her older brother started an after-school club at Selkirk Elementary School in Whitehorse. This young person started this club that reached out to many other people that wanted to learn the guitar. This after-school program not only helped the children but the parents that couldn’t pick up their children until 5 o’clock! Bonus!!!

The highlighted chords are the ones I already know and I am working on the other chords.

Herra suggested learning something basic like “twinkle twinkle little star“.

Then I can move forward to something that is harder like “happy birthday to you“. This song requires you to be faster with your fingers while singing the song. To be honest I think it would be hard because it’s a fast song. This song can be a goal that I work towards!

Here is an example of what I am aiming for with “twinkle twinkle little star”.

I felt more relieved to hear about Herra’s experience and found it frustrating. I knew I was not alone in this learning journey and the more people I talk to about the guitar they have the same problem.

With time, Herra got better and more confident with playing the guitar. She warned me about getting calluses on my fingers and this week was hard to play because of the calluses. So I took some time off playing the guitar and this week was stressful. I noticed when I play the guitar I feel more relaxed and I can accomplish more throughout the day.

Picking up an instrument was exactly what I needed in my life, who knew? Thank you 🙂

Guitar lessons

This past week I got new strings on my guitar at Road Dogs Music and I bought a new guitar case. I reached out to a few people who taught Guitar Lessons in Whitehorse and I got a response.

I found more chords to work with: G, C, Em chords to play different songs. I keep a journal close by as I’m practicing and I write my feelings down. First I was frustrated and then I decided to have music playing as I’m learning the cords.

The more I listened to music while playing, the more relaxed and learning the guitar wasn’t as stressful. It was more therapeutic and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I am starting my Guitar Lessons tomorrow with a friend and I’m excited! Prayers are answered!

Tried my best

Hi for this week I noticed some mistakes with my chords and I corrected myself with D Chord. I was wanted to change my strings this past week and never got to it. I’m a little rusty, as you can see in the video. My daughter Teanna is recording me.

Its been hard to learn the guitar on my own and I am trying my best lol

Whenever I get overwhelmed I like to walk behind the Yukon University along the McIntyre Creek. It helps me to focus and get rejuvenated.

The beautiful Crocus on the trail.

The view is always breath taking, so grateful that my family lives in the Yukon Territory!

Second week of learning the guitar

Today I picked up my guitar and tried to learn with guitar tabs but it was frustrating.

So I switched to Youtube and it was helpful. I contacted my friend Charity to start a Guitar Group because I work better in a group setting.

For example, in the past, it was harder for me to work alone. I had mixed feelings during this process of excitement, sadness and hope for the best. I hope I can find a group of people that want to learn the guitar so we can learn together.

I decided that I want to learn more about the guitar and search the Whitehorse Public Library.

I got books from the library (The complete Guitar Course Book) to help me with learning the cords.

The guitar tab app was helpful while I was on my learning journey. When my daughter got home from school we sang and played a song together. It was a wonderful experience!